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Located near Lisbon, Solintep was born in 2012 from a collaboration between a French design office
and a Portuguese company.
Solintep was created to maintain proximity to costumers,
developing special equipment taking into account their
specifics needs.

Experience in project management, comes from our French
partner and the work done over the years, with the satisfaction
of world renowned customers (Airbus, Aerolia, Diehl, CNES).
This know-how allow us to fulfill the challenges, developing
solutions with the most demanding requirements to ensure
the satisfaction of our customer, having as target the best
cost, time and quality standards.
Since its establishment, Solintep has been firmly committed and committed to a Quality System where the focus is on its client and stakeholders, considering that this is the best strategy for their recognition, development and sustainability.

Thus, it decided to implement a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001: 2015 establishing as its essential support the following quality policy:

- Guarantee the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers offering services and products with quality;
- Promote its employees in a continuous way through the bet on training;
- To constantly evolve with new products and apply new technologies by establishing new partnerships;
- Ensure full compliance with applicable requirements, an essential condition for achieving conformity of the product;
- Establish an effective, proactive Quality Management System to extend its action to new markets;
- Continuously improve our Quality Management System, guaranteeing the increase of its effectiveness.